I Caught You a Delicious Bass

Breanne, Marc and I did a fishing charter out of Falmouth for some Striper fishing. After a jigging arm workout we caught dinner and had a lil summer dinner party with fish tacos.

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We've Got Crabs

It was like Christmas morning coming to those lobster traps after having them out overnight. I couldn't wait to see if we were really going to have "lobstah fo breakfast." The weekend getaway group went down to the trap at MMA, and we found crabs and a really unfortunate fish.

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Lobster Traps and a Ferbie

My friends Marc and Breanne came to visit this weekend from Illinois for a lil fishing getaway. After getting some bait at Maco's we spotted a pile of lobster traps next door. The shop next door to Maco's has a faint smell of pee and piles of old things you can probably get tetinus from. It's the occasional gem of a wooden whale and other assorted nautical goodies that keep me braving the place. Today, however, we hit the jackpot.

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Letting My Freak Flag Fly

I recently moved from the city of Chicago to work at this nautical wonderland in Cape Cod. I sometimes find myself astounded at the change in scenery; my highschool in Illinois had a larger population than my entire town does here. The loud street noise from my old apartment building has been replaced by the erie silence surrounding the sea shanty in which I now live. And I can see the ocean from my window! Okay, I can only see the ocean in the wintertime from my window; the seasonal-view is blocked when the leaves come in on the tree in my front yard. But hey, I have a yard!

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